Coaching / Supervision / Inter-vision:

Personal coaching:

Personal coaching means: we are on the road together! We will find out what obstructs you from bringing out your unique qualities. (based on Theory U by Otto Scharmer)

In work situations we will offer you a coach, who will look over your shoulder and who will encourage you to deal with your competences more effectively. You will become more balanced, you will have more self-confidence when doing your job and you will be doing what is really important to you. 

In personal situations we will offer you a mirror which will reflect your daily behaviour and from there we will look for a more effective way of dealing with yourself and with those who surround you.

In both situations, coaching is healing and it gives you the feeling of liberty and insight. You will be connected again with your authentic power and your vulnerability and you will learn how to balance these two. Then you will know from your heart what is good for you and more and more you will be able to follow this "knowing".

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Group coaching:

Sometimes a (small) group of people from one department or from a team runs into mutual issues and if there is sufficient "safety" within that group, group coaching may be a very practical option to deal with these issues.

An interview with the group takes place in order to determine what is bothering and the coach will set-up a coach plan to be discussed with the group. This plan will only be a starting point because, during the coaching sessions, unexpected issues may come up, which will be picked-up and dealt with immediately.

The coaching sessions will take place on the job in the work environment in order to be able to implement new findings immediately.

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Supervision / Inter-vision:

When a group or team is prepared to share practice experience or lessons learnt, supervision may be an appropriate format for guidance. The group will learn how positive feed back can speed-up the learning process and the implementation of the lessons learnt. Usually, after some time , the group is able to facilitate its own sessions and the coach will withdraw himself. The group will continue with self supporting inter-vision.

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